Transformations and restructuring make it possible for the business to develop while protecting the interests of the owners, partners, or shareholders.


  • changes of the operation size (increase or decrease)
  • financial optimization
  • a change with regard to the decision-making powers of the stakeholders and their say over the functioning of the undertaking

Transformation types:

  • from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or company
  • from a civil-law partnership to a commercial-law partnership or company
  • from a partnership to a company
  • from a company to a partnership
  • from one kind of partnership to another
  • from one kind of company to another
  • making non-cash contributions to the undertaking
  • making changes to the members of partnerships (partners joining the partnership or quitting)
  • mergers or divisions
  • winding up and liquidation

We support clients in transformations and restructurings diligently, comprehensively, and with passion.

These are the services and activities that we propose to undertake in this area:

  • We will analyse the financial and economic position of the undertaking
  • We will provide our expertise to choose the best kind of transformation for the undertaking
  • We will help prepare the transformation plan
  • We are helpful in the valuation of the undertaking’s assets, shares or interests
  • We prepare a fair and accurate transformation report


We provide all-around services up to a top-notch standard.

In the course of a transformation or a restructuring, we work with:

  • statutory auditors
  • lawyers
  • a notary public
We help to plan, carry out, and coordinate all activities involved in the transformation or restructuring, guarding the security of our clients’ interests.

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