We ensure precision and the highest quality in keeping HR and payroll records for the employees. We guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.


  • entities that have us manage the HR records
  • entities that have us manage the remunerations
  • entities that have us take care of all the HR and payroll obligations

We care for the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure:

  • limitation of the time taken by HR and payroll formalities
  • no need to employ a dedicated employee and take responsibility for HR and payroll compliance
  • no need to follow nuances in legislative changes
We support our clients in all HR and payroll issues. We advise and provide consultancy with regard to all arising concerns, and we recommend safe solutions.

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We provide reliable and professional assistance in resolving employment issues.

We provide a broad range of services on a professional basis:

  • preparing a full range of recruitment documents
    • preparing employment contracts
    • medical examination referrals
    • social security applications
  • preparing civil-law employment contracts (contract of services, contract for a specific piece of work)
  • keeping employee personal files
  • keeping attendance lists
  • keeping working time records
  • preparing allowance cards
  • prepaying payrolls and pay slips
  • accounting for sickness salary payments and sickness, family, nursing, and other benefits
  • preparing monthly PIT-4 tax returns
  • preparing reports on dismissed and recruited staff
  • preparing employee registration and deregistration documents and filing them with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • preparing other records affecting the calculation of tax on salaries and social security contributions
  • preparing and electronically filling social security returns with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • preparing PIT-11 and PIT-40 personal income tax returns
  • preparing reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS)
  • supervision over periodic medical check-up referrals
  • keeping records of holiday entitlement usage
  • issuing salary certificates
  • preparing annual IWA returns for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • preparing salary reports for the owners or the Management Board


We provide all-around services up to a top-notch standard.

On the client’s behalf and with the client’s consent, we:

  • represent the undertaking in the course of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Work Standards and Safety Inspectorate (PIP), and tax office inspections
  • contact tax and social security offices regarding the supplementation of any missing documents
  • clarify all cases of noncompliance with regard to the registered employees with the tax and social security offices

What counts at our company is quality, speed, and professional approach to the resolution of HR/payroll issues, and consequently the client’s satisfaction with our services.