Our long-term relationships with such financial institutions as the Łódź Regional Development Agency (ŁARR), the Enterprise Promotion Foundation (FRP), or the Polish Enterprise Foundation (PFP) allow us to successfully help our clients to find appropriate sources of business financing and raise the finance.


  • entities that start their operations
  • entities that have been carrying on business activities for some time and which intend to:
    – foster innovation
    – complete an investment project
    – purchase a non-current asset
    – fund their current operations

Within this service, we:

  • analyse the financial status of the undertaking
  • advise of the most advantageous form of financing
  • complete loan applications and EU grant applications
  • prepare the business plans
  • help with the choice of the appropriate bank or financial institution
  • provide explanations concerning questions from the bank or financial institution
  • negotiate the terms of the finance to be provided

Obtaining finance opens new opportunities for the business.


We ensure full support, the analysis of the situation and the opportunities, and successful finance raising.

We care for the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure:

  • a professional approach
  • top-quality consultancy
  • well-prepared documents required to obtain finance
  • comprehensive financial intermediation
We are successful if the client is successful, so our professional efforts and our personalized approach to the case enable the client to forget about finance raising problems and focus of development and the attainment of the goal.

Pozyskiwanie finansowania - emprise.plTypes of project financing:

  • working capital or investment loans
  • cash or mortgage loans
  • operating or capital leases
  • supplier or buyer factoring
  • letters of credit
  • EU grants

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