Entrusting us with accounting eliminates all accountancy and taxation worries and contributes to flexible business management.


  • individuals, partnerships, and companies commencing their business activities
  • individuals, partnerships, and companies that have been carrying on business activities for some time
  • individuals, partnerships, and companies that value professionalism, reliability, comfort, and security
  • representative offices and branches of foreign-based undertakings

We care for the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure:

  • FREE OF CHARGE – registration/incorporation of the client undertaking (sole proprietorship, partnership, or company)
  • FREE OF CHARGE – access to a full range of software enabling the conduct of business:
    • invoicing
    • stock management
    • accounting (with day-to-day interim data preview and reporting capabilities)
    • HR/payroll (with day-to-day interim data preview and reporting capabilities)
  • monthly collection of records from the client (from the client’s home or office)
  • always the same staff member, expert responsible for the entity’s accounts and contacts with the undertaking

We put every client on a personalized footing, making contracts adjusted do specific requirements.

We provide a broad range of services on a professional basis:

  • designing and updating the entity’s chart of accounts
  • collecting the received accounting records and checking them for formal compliance and accounting accuracy
  • appropriate account assignment in accordance with applicable regulations
  • keeping VAT registers of purchases and sales
  • preparing monthly and quarterly VAT returns
  • monthly calculation of payable personal income tax (PIT) or corporate income tax (CIT) advances
  • preparation of annual personal income tax (PIT) or corporate income tax (CIT) returns
  • keeping a register of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets with the calculation of monthly depreciation/amortization charges
  • keeping registers of low-cost immediately-depreciated non-current assets
  • preparing statistic reports required by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP)
  • preparing the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash-flow statement, the statement of changes in equity and the notes to the financial statements


We provide all-around services up to a top-notch standard.

Kinds of records we keep:

  • revenue records for flat-rate-tax payers
  • simplified books of account (revenue and expense records)
  • full books of account
We keep all records in the fields of accounting and taxation in an accurate, safe, and timely manner.
We support undertakings in the flexible conduct of their business activities, and we ensure a personalized approach to every client.

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