We optimize solutions that satisfy our clients based on the applicable tax and accounting regulations.


Undertakings that already carry on a business organized as:

  • sole proprietorships
  • partnerships of all kinds
  • companies of all kinds

and requiring changes to improve their efficiency and implement new organizational solutions

Within this service, we offer:

  • consultancy with regard to the reasonable conduct of the business and optimum management of the undertaking
  • the adjustment of the accounting policy to the strategy of the undertaking
  • increasing the efficiency of internal controls
  • the development of document flow instructions
  • preparing financial statements
  • preparing financial forecasts for the owners and managers
  • implementing the rules of management accounting as an element facilitating reasonable decision making
  • the adaptation of the accounting and tax solutions to achieve the best financial and tax results for the undertaking
  • assistance in clarifying taxations issues (VAT, income tax, civil-law transaction tax)

We help to carry on a business without stresses and build a future with success.


We ensure full support, the analysis of the situation and the opportunities, and consultancy recommending the most secure solutions.

We care for the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure:

  • accurate analyses
  • transparent reports
  • quick rollouts
  • favourable business solutions
  • precise explanations

Doradztwo dla istniejących biznesów -emprise.plWe also provide our clients with consultancy on internal organization including:

  • assistance with the development of business organization charts
  • defining the tasks of each organizational unit
  • assistance with the implementation of accounting and financial software

Our strength is business partnership. What sets us apart is our personalized approach and understanding the client’s needs, which results in comprehensive and professional consultancy that contributes to the optimization of business processes an d improves the efficiency of business management.

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