Outsourcing makes us stand out among other accounting firms with a broad range of arrangements offered.


  • undertakings required to keep full accounts, with employed staff
  • entities striving to streamline their accounting, HR, and payroll functions
  • businesses that want to have their accounts and HR/payroll records kept by a specialized firm

We care for the satisfaction of our clients. We ensure:

  • permanent, direct contact with a qualified accountant
  • the possibility of having accounting, tax, and finance issues resolved on the spot
  • constant access to required records: the originals of the accounting and HR/payroll records are at the client’s office
  • no extra expenses (such as equipment purchases, maintenance, software licensing, etc.) where our IT and software solutions are used
  • data security and complete confidentiality

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Accounting and HR/payroll outsourcing are services provided directly at the client’s offices.

We propose two kinds of arrangements:

  • we use the client’s hardware and software: our associates provide accounting and HR/payroll services at the client’s offices.
  • we use our server and the Comarch ERP software: our staff provide accounting and HR/payroll services for the client.


We combine modernity with book-keeping traditions.

The outsourcing includes:

Our clients obtain all-around services with regard to complex processes in the fields of finance, accounting, and taxation, as well as human resources and payroll, and we ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all the services we offer, which are always provided up to a top-notch standard.

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